The El Salvador composting toilet project was completed as of May 25th but there is over $20,000 remaining which will be used to build a water tank.
The project was completed at the end of May with over $20,000 remaining in the bank thanks to the efforts and efficiency of all of those involved. Since then the Rotary Club San Salvador Noroeste in El Salvador has identified an additional community need. Metalillito has a single water source with a single tank which as become inadequate as the community has grown to about 200 families. Adding an additional tank will help the community better serve the needs of its current residents. Our Rotary clubs contacted the Rotary Foundation about the use of the left-over funds for constructing a tank, and they have approved it. The local club will work with the community to plan out the construction of the tank and determine the associated needs such as piping and valves. They have already obtained two bids for the tank with the lowest one being $14,380.