Posted by Tom Burson on Oct 31, 2017
Several members of the Rotary Club of Mechanicsburg help out at New Hope Ministries on October 31st in the day of service for October.
(L to R): Tom Burson, Darrell Westby, Vern Anderson, President Amy Bockis, Phil Fogarty, and Bob Hamilton.
The Rotary Club of Mechanicsburg is doing a day of service in each fiscal year month under the leadership of President Amy. This month was at New Hope Ministries in Mechanicsburg where club members repackaged orzo pasta from a pallet size container (gaylord)  into smaller bags to be handed out to families in need over the holidays. The process was simple, but the members learned that some skill was required, especially in using the heat sealer on the bags...the pressure and duration had to be just right to seal the bag without cutting it. 
  Two scoops per bag.   
  Sealed just right.