The Rotary Club of Mechanicsburg is happy to report that the construction of the 180 composting toilets in the community of Metalillito, El Salvador is about to begin.

Pictured above is one of seven composting toilets which was completed in November 2013 in the community of Metalillito in El Salvador.

Rotarian Alfredo Aquirre (host country primart contact) of the Rotary Club San Salvador Noroeste in El Salvador reported that on January 25 they had a meeting with Tito Mancía (President of their Rotary Club), Ricardo Barrera (Project Supervisor) and Edwin Mejía (Contractor), in order to review details of the project, so that work can begin on the composting toilets construction the first week in February. It is anticipated that the work will be completed by May. They will keep us informed about construction progress.

Background on this project can be found in another story here.