Jubilee Day on June 16 was a very successful day for the Rotary Club of Mechanicsburg. There was a great turnout despite the occasional rain and we sold out of pretzels at 7 PM. Thank you to all the members who helped.
A view of the crowd and the Rotary pretzel stand with member Don Nardis selling a pretzel.
Members Dave Burns and Maureen show how to sell a Smittie's pretzel with a smile. Notice the almost empty box on the right as they sold out shortly after this picture was taken.
Member Chuck Eberly (right) was interviewed by WITF Smart Talk host Scott Lamar who asked Chuck about the history of growing up in Mechanicsburg with Jubilee Day and about the Rotary Club and what it does. You can listen to Chuck on WITF Smart Talk pod cast here where Chuck appears about 11 minutes into the second segment.