Mechanicsburg Councilman Gary Weber spoke to the club on July 13 and provided information about Mechanicsburg Borough happenings and items of interest.
At the meeting of July 13th, Council Gary Weber spoke to the club about the Borough of Mechanicsburg and the topics which the council is dealing with at present. On of the top items is "MS4" which is a storm water management program administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.  He indicated that compliance is expected to be quite expensive for the borough, and they are working on a plan. He noted that the two Mechanicsburg fire companies are planning to combine. The borough is currently without a manager with the resignation of Patrick Dennis and a search is underway. He talked about the condition of roads in the community and the high cost of repairing them. Councilman Weber noted that Mechanicsburg has 25-30 blighted or abandoned properties which are of concern to the Council. In one case, the burned out house next to the Frakenberger Tavern will be turned over to the Mechanicsburg Museum and will be turned into green space. Also, the development of the Hess farm into housing is continuing and will consist of almost 700 housing units plus some commercial and retail space.
We also note that Gary Weber is the son of Milton "Milt" Weber a 53 year and very active member of this club who passed away in 2008.