Posted by Tom Burson on Jul 09, 2018
The Rotary Club of Mechanicsburg's President for 2018-19, Mike McConahy, was inducted at a special meeting held the evening of June 27th at the Cracked Pot Coffee Shop. Past-President Amy KS Bockis was also recognized for her service and she provided recognition to club members who assisted her and the club during her tenure.

Gavels Exchanged

President Mike received the President's gavel from Amy
Past President Amy recognized for her service as President of the club for the 2017-18 year.

Pres. Amy hands out awards to members

Perfect Attendance 2017-18
Whitey Brownawell (pictured), Dave Burns, Tom Burson, Darrell Westby
Community Service for 2017-18
Dave Burns, Tom Burson, Bob Hamilton, and Darrell Westby (pictured)
Going Above and Beyond in Service to the Club and the President
John Petrie
For 25 Years as Club Treasurer
Tom Burson
Amy also has two other awards to be presented to two members who were not present to receive them, and she wished to delay the announcement until then.