The Mechanicsburg Club was treated to an informative program on June 17 about the Youth Impact Project to be held at the Northern York High School on August 1, 2015. 
Pictured above (left to right): Elizabeth Ayers, Welcome Tent Host; Mark Dixon, Rotary Club 2nd VP; and Lisa Wenger, Development Director. 
Lisa and Elizabeth showed the club members a video about the Youth Impact Project from last year (it was called Project Big Love then) and then explained to the club all of the activities which will take place at the August 1st event at the Northern York High School. The goal is to provide sneakers for every kid, backpacks filled with school supplies, a new book for every kid, groceries, haircuts, family portraits, community health & safety resources, kids play zone, entertainment, and refreshments.
A number of community organizations are participating along with about 400 volunteers. Our club is one of them and has requested a $5,000 matching grant to help support the project. More information can be found at the project web site -