Posted by Tom Burson on Sep 30, 2022
On September 28th, the Rotary Club of the Yellow Breeches dedicated the recently installed heat pump unit at The Cracked Pot Coffee Shop. Present were several club officers and staff of the establishment.
9/28/2022 - (L to R back) Mike McConahy, club PP; Jolene George, club Pres.; Amy Bockis, club Sect.; Emily Schmidt, shop Exec. Dir.; and Tom Burson, club Treas. (L to R front) shop staff: Nadia Huggard, Bailey Tressler, and Cortney Kindall.
On September 28th, the Rotary Club of the Yellow Breeches dedicated the recently installed heat pump unit at The Cracked Pot Coffee Shop. The unit was funded by the Rotary Club and The Rotary Foundation through the Rotary District 7390 Club Grants program.
The building the shop occupies is older, and needed a separate heat pump unit in the coffee service area. During the summer months, the staff are overheated from the heat generated from the coffee, espresso, and other machines behind the counter area. This project provided a separate heat pump unit in the counter area where the most heat is generated. 
The staff of the shop thanked the club for its work in providing funds and seeking a matching grant to make such a welcomed addition to the working environment for everyone including the customers. The benefits were instantly noted and appreciated.
The Cracked Pot Coffee Shop was very busy that day and has become very popular. It notes the following on its web page about why it was created:
"In a society that seems to always be in a hurry, we value taking the time to slow down for a bit. We feel it is important to talk to each other (face to face), to laugh, cry and pray with one another and celebrate the things worth celebrating in life. Taking time to care about and get to know the youth that are in the program is important to us. It makes them feel like they are loved and have a place in the family here at the shop. Another way this happens is when we interact with our customers and the meaningful connecting that take place at the shop each day. To help bring people together, we enjoy having music nights and community events at the shop as often as we can. We also rent out the shop so that people can make beautiful memories here while celebrating their special occasions. It is truly our pleasure to walk through life with each other and we are so glad The Cracked Pot has become a bright and peaceful place were people are connecting and growing together."
The Rotary Club of The Yellow Breeches is pleased that we could help in a small way the continued success of this establishment.